25 yrs.

(serving sausages since 1998)


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The Rosamunde Story

Rosamunde began as a small sausage shop next to famed Toronado beer bar in San Francisco’s Lower Haight neighborhood in 1998. Our mission was simple: serve the best sausages in our local community. Those sausages were served on a high quality French bakery roll, and complemented with house-made toppings and a fresh craft beer from next door.

With the love and support of our community, we soon opened up our own beer hall and brought all our sausage production in-house - sourcing only the best quality meat products, from animals raised with sustainable practices.

Today we’re bringing the high quality sausages our fans have been enjoying for years to your home.  After the sausages have been carefully crafted and smoked, they are quickly flash frozen to lock in the quality to maintain peak freshness.

We call this Straight Up Sausage, because it's what you should expect from the real thing.

Straight Up Sausage

  • We only work with grass fed beef, cage free duroc pork, and cage free chicken
  • Never treated with antibiotics, preservatives, or growth hormones
  • All sausages are flash frozen to retain peak freshness during travel

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